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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Alien Dread - Mexican Way & Rockers Lament (re-issued) Nov 2016

Quick update

We now have stock of two singles originally released in 2011 - repressed and ready to ship. Both singles are cut to black vinyl, on the original label, and supplied in a printed ISR picture sleeve...

Both singles originally cut in Jamaica.

Illustrations of labels below with links to the catalogue.

Link to catalogue here!

Link to catalogue here!

Illustration of sleeve

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Please read & take note ...

Important notice...

Yes, it has been several months since we last posted and there are good reasons for this. Due to internal restructuring towards the end of last year, we made several key changes and one of those that came into effect at the beginning of May this year, was the closing down of our main distribution label, ACL2000 Ltd.

As a result of this decision, some of the older stock items will no longer be available after the remaining stock has been sold, this will only affect a small percentage of existing catalogue items. We are now focusing our efforts on the new label, Iron Sound Records, which is chiefly concerned with releases coming out of the main studio down south in the UK, run by Alien Dread. We also continue to work with Gadd59 Productions and have an ongoing relationship with Martin Campbell, who himself, this past year, has slowed down his release schedule.

So it is business as usual, sort of, but expect to see items from the back catalogue fade into obscurity at some point and the focus will shift towards Iron Sound Records this year.

We will likely keep this blog active for now, as the content is still relevant to the current business model and shall remain as a historical record of our musical adventures.

All the best!

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