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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Limited edition 12" vinyl & sale on all CDs

Two original classic JA albums pressed on orange vinyl and strictly limited edition, now available.

Running until the end of September, we also have a 50% reduction across the entire catalogue on 'all' CD albums & EPs.


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Kendrick Andy - Great Old Men (7" single)

Brand new single, released June 2017 on the Iron Sound Label. Features Kendrick Andy, Alvin Davis & Asha B. Produced at AD Studio (UK) and distributed in the Iron Sound Record sleeve.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Hot & Rich - Rocksteady (last chance / limited edition 2011 CD edition)

Just re-issued in 2017, is a limited edition of the 2011 album, Hot & Rich - Rocksteady, featuring the original artwork & audio.

The CD was requested by a distributor in Japan, but we also have a small amount left for sale worldwide.

Link below flyer.

Please note: there is also a 2014 edition with re-mastered audio, this particular release is 'not' the same and was produced in Somerset (UK) at an older studio set-up.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Release roll out / Summer 2017 (part 1)

Apologies for the dire lack of updates thus far this year, there are only two of us working in the background at Iron Sound Records and the blog/site hasn't been a priority, aside from zero hour promotion through media networks when projects are ready to roll, we do not prioritise the website, as that has never been our main portal to release work.

The website is more or less a basic advert for our work and a means for customers to pick up the releases we hold on-site through PayPal. The majority of our stock is distributed to 3rd party vendors.

Anyway, that being said, we have a lot of material due out this year and a studio rebuild which is 99% complete with a new analogue desk installed.

Enough waffle, see the two flyers below for material due out this June and then we will keep the blog updated throughout the next few months detailing the up & coming events.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Vinyl releases February 2017 ...

Three brand new singles on general release today (27/02/2017) in the catalogues & hopefully through your usual music vendor.

First up, two singles from Anthony Que on the Observer label backed by Gadd59 Studios (promotion) and shipped in the 2017 Observer sleeve (image above).

Both singles feature a Dub version from Sly & Robbie on the flip-side.


Then we have another vocal track, but this time from musician and vocal talent, Asha B on his own label, Psalm 87 (jointly published by Iron Sound Records). The single is called Terrorist and also features a Dub version from Alien Dread on the flip-side.


Monday, 20 February 2017

Alien Dread - Conquering Dub (2017 re-issue)

The original 2004 Dub album from UK's own Alien Dread is set for release this coming March in a brand new digipack with restored cover artwork (featuring the main image in full).

The album will feature all of the material from the 2012 release, which also included two bonus tracks; the stand out number being the excellent, Dubnology.

The album covers the early period of the Alien Dread studio work and includes classics like, Full of Dread, Kortonic Dub & Yak Dub!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

New San Diego Vibes! - Martin Campbell & Vrs. artists (Spring release)

This isn't strictly an Iron Sound Records release, but due to our ongoing relationship with Martin we helped him produce the album and will be providing support upon release. The album itself was originally arranged in 2015 and produced in 2016. The selection features 11 vocal artists from San Diego backed by Martin's rhythm work which was built & performed at Channel One (UK) under The Hi Tech Roots Dynamics name.

San Diego: Foundational Roots - as a collection, thematically speaking follows lock-step with one of his earlier albums simply called Foundational Roots, which was another selection of roots style arrangements but then chiefly backed by UK artists in the vocal department.

From what we have heard thus far, this album has the potential to push Martin's name far & wide as the quality is high, with a selection of stand-out tracks hooking the mind and then slow burners, which will grow and glow over time.

This is definitely something to check out on release and being as this is a vinyl only production and limited edition, it may sell out quickly, if not immediately.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Alien Dread - Overcharge (2015 vs.) - in stock & on Bandcamp

A heads-up for the remaining stock of the 2015 re-issue & re-master of the Alien Dread 'Overcharge' album. The album is potentially the strongest collection to date from UK's own Roots Reggae Rocker Alien Dread and features other artists like DannyG, Phillip Whittaker and Kendrick Andy.

We have around two dozen of the digipack version available at the moment, so get your copy while you can (images below):

The album is also available for digital download on Bandcamp, so follow the link here - other releases from Alien Dread on the ISR Records Ltd. website.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

IRoy - The Godfather (12" vinyl & link to MP3 samples) ...

Re-issued last March (2016) and now available through Iron Sound Records. This is the classic 1978 album produced at Tubbys (JA) with restored artwork. The sound quality is as close as possible to the original master, although sourced from vinyl, so there is a little crackle here & there (unavoidable, as the original master is no longer available). If you buy through our website, you'll get the best value on-line.

Side A:
1. Come Wheel And Jig
2. The Godfather  
3. New York City 
4. Hold On Jah Children
5. This Is A Scorcher  

Side B:
1. African Daughter
2. Live Up Jahman
3. Bedwood In August Town     
4. Law And Order
5. Jack Of My Trade

(all track transfers: Phillip 'Gadd59' Whittaker)

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Free tracks - older Reggae Retro sampler (repost)


Originally posted on the old blog, the file is still hosted on the server, so feel free to download & share the music.

Track listing:

1. Gideon Jah Rubbaal - Love Rasta
2. Aqua Levi - Golden Grains of Sand
3. Robert Lee - Too Much War
4. Martin Campbell - Give Me The Money
5. Ras Nyto - Ghana
6. Kendrick Andy - Hearsay
7. Martin Campbell - Gunman A Come
8. Peter Culture - Willie Lynch
9. Alien Dread - Everyman's Hand
10. Cornerstone - Inner City Reggae
11. Kendrick Andy - Great Old Men
12. Phillip 'Gadd59' Whittaker - Tribute to C.S. Dodd
13. King Melody - Reggae In The USA

14. Derrick Morgan - Leave Her Alone

If you enjoyed this music, please visit the catalogue here

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Tribute To Don Drummond - Rico / 10" vinyl

The Rico album was released a few months back, but wasn't listed on the blog, so check the images and information below for further details. 

This is a re-issue of the original LP set in a vibrant JA-style sleeve, cut to quality vinyl, on the Striker Lee label.

Shout out to Gadd59 Studio for the original hook-up.

Click images to enhance/enlarge.

Anthony Que - Di Yard Too Dirty / 7" single / February release

Due for a February release, Di Yard Too Dirty / Dirty Dub.
Released on the Observer label through ISR Records Ltd.
The B Side has been produced by Sly & Robbie.

The single will be distributed in the new 2017 Observer sleeve.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Releases: February 2017 - Anthony Que / Alien Dread etc.

Back again in 2017 - under dark winter skies in the UK we are set to launch a series of heart-warming & uplifting releases during February, so only a couple of weeks to go and then lift off.

We have some soulful vocal artistry from Anthony Que on the Observer label under the guidance & promotion of Gadd59 Studios.

We have a single from Asha B, backed by Alien Dread, called Terrorist - a timely chant for peace & over-standing ... put down the weapons & vibe with love.

Then we have a special 10" EP from AD Studios UK, produced by Alien Dread and featuring horn work from Alvin Davis & Asha B beating out the riddim with tribal drum.

Further updates to follow & remember to sub to the YouTube channel to stay in touch with the flow of music.

Respect & peace to all of our listeners.