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Saturday, 28 January 2017

IRoy - The Godfather (12" vinyl & link to MP3 samples) ...

Re-issued last March (2016) and now available through Iron Sound Records. This is the classic 1978 album produced at Tubbys (JA) with restored artwork. The sound quality is as close as possible to the original master, although sourced from vinyl, so there is a little crackle here & there (unavoidable, as the original master is no longer available). If you buy through our website, you'll get the best value on-line.

Side A:
1. Come Wheel And Jig
2. The Godfather  
3. New York City 
4. Hold On Jah Children
5. This Is A Scorcher  

Side B:
1. African Daughter
2. Live Up Jahman
3. Bedwood In August Town     
4. Law And Order
5. Jack Of My Trade

(all track transfers: Phillip 'Gadd59' Whittaker)

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